Preparing Eye of Round Steaks

Roast beef

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Use a pan broil, pan fry or stir-fry cooking method to prepare your eye of round steaks. This cut of meat is made from the beef eye of round roast, which come from the back of the cow, behind the sirloin. Soak eye of round steaks in a tenderizing marinade for best results. Select grass-fed beef instead of regular beef because it has higher levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids per serving.

Pan Broil

Place a large nonstick skillet for on a burner set to medium or medium-high heat for five minutes to preheat.

Flavor your beef with a tenderizing marinade and pat it dry with paper towels before pan broiling.

Place the eye of round steaks into the skillet. Neither cover nor add liquid — including oil — to the skillet before or during cooking.

Pan broil on medium-high for four minutes. Turn the steaks once with tongs while cooking.

Pan Fry

Place a heavy skillet with 1 tbsp. oil on a large burner set to medium-high until it’s hot.

Flavor your beef with a tenderizing marinade.

Dredge the steaks in seasoned flour — this is optional. If you bread the steaks, place them in the refrigerator for 10 minutes before cooking.

Place the steaks in the hot oil.

Cook for two to four minutes. Turn once with tongs.

Stir Fry

Place the eye of round steaks in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Cut into strips 1/8-inch thick or thinner with a sharp knife. Make uniformly sized strips allow the steak to cook evenly.

Marinate the strips of meat. Place them in a stainless steel colander for a few minutes to drain at the end of the marinating time.

Place your wok or large nonstick skillet on medium-high heat until it’s very hot. Add a small amount of oil. Stir-fry the strips of steak in batches small enough that they do not stack more than two high.


Make a marinade with ingredients such as herbs, spices and seasonings including freshly ground pepper, soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic.

Add acidic ingredients — including orange juice, salsa, wine and vinaigrette dressings — to your marinade recipe because they are integral in the meat-tenderizing process. Make at least ¼ cup of marinade for every pound of eye of round steaks.

Soak eye of round steaks in a tenderizing marinade in the refrigerator for six to 24 hours for succulent and tasty meat.