How to Prepare Chuck Tender Roast

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The beef chuck tender, or chuck eye, is a portion of the loin that extends into the group of muscles in the steer's shoulder. It is worked more than the rest of the loin, and is therefore chewier and tender only in comparison with the rest of the chuck. Chuck tender steaks can be grilled if they are tenderized slightly with a mallet. The chuck tender roast is best when slow cooked until tender.

Sear the outer surfaces of the roast before cooking it, because low-heat cooking will not brown the roast or create the savory flavor compounds that normally result from browning. Heat a heavy cast skillet with a small amount of oil, and brown all sides of the beef until medium dark.

Preheat the slow cooker on its high setting. Season the seared beef with salt and pepper to taste, and rub it with the garlic. Place it in the preheated slow cooker, and add enough red wine or beef broth to immerse the beef up to about two-thirds of its height.

Turn the temperature control on the slow cooker to low, once the cooking liquid comes to a low simmer and begins to steam. Simmer on low for three to five hours until the beef is fully cooked and tender.

Rest the beef for 10 minutes under a loose covering of aluminum foil, while you finish preparing the side dishes and sauce, or gravy. Slice and serve hot.