How to Cook With Broccoli Slaw Mix

fusaromike/iStock/Getty Images

Broccoli slaw mix is a mixture of thinly-shredded broccoli stems, carrots resembling short noodles and red cabbage. While the name may sound odd, broccoli slaw mix cooks easily and quickly, allowing you to follow various different recipes with little work. Many recipes — including Oriental stir-fries — call for broccoli and carrots, so having some of this mixture on hand will both save you preparation time and add variety to your menu.

Prepare your wok or pan according to your specific recipe instructions, such as preheating to medium heat and adding sesame or vegetable oil.

Cook your meat first if your recipe stipulates. Chicken, steak and fish take longer to cook than broccoli slaw, in part because it's cut into thin strips. Adding your broccoli slaw mix in at the beginning can leave the veggies burnt by the time your meat is done. Also, uncooked meat can contain bacteria that heat needs to kill before you add your other ingredients.

Add broccoli slaw mix into the wok once the meat is done. Cook for up to two minutes. Because the slaw mix is shredded into thin strings, it will quickly become tender. Simply pull out a few strings with a pair of tongs, letting them cool. Taste to ensure tenderness to your liking.

Stir frequently with a plastic or wooden heat-resistant spoon that won't scratch your pan's surface. This prevents the broccoli slaw from sticking or burning while cooking. If necessary, add a small amount of oil to help prevent sticking.

Lower the cooking temperature after the slaw mix has cooked to a tender state and add any additional ingredients your recipe demands, often soy sauce. Let it simmer for a few minutes.

Finish preparing your dish according to your recipe's instructions. You may want to serve it on top of noodles or fill a soft shell with slaw mix and add your favorite toppings before wrapping it all up.