Facial Exercises for Jowels

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Seeing skin sagging anywhere on your face can be disconcerting, but if you discover you're drooping along the jawline, you might feel very uncomfortable with your appearance. In fact, sagging skin of the jowls, or jowels, can make you look older than you are. Thankfully, facial exercises can be used to lift up your jowels and improve the tone of your face.

Imaginary Gum-Chewing

Pretending you're chewing a piece of gum can tone up the jowls and improve the look of your face, according to Dermaxime. To perform this exercise, sit in a chair with your face tipped up toward the ceiling. Keep your lips together and fake chew 20 times. Lower your head, then turn it to the right. Chew 20 times. Turn back to the middle, then to the left. Chew 20 times. This firms up the neck and limits the appearance of jowls.

Lower-Lip Lift

You can lift up your jowls and reduce their appearance by stretching your neck and chin daily. To do this exercise, sit comfortably while lifting your lower lip up over your upper lip, says Fitness Health Zone.com. Tip your head back with control so you're looking at the sky. Hold for several seconds before slowly returning to the starting stance.

Sky Kisses

Pretending to kiss the sky can return firmness to the neck and jawline, reducing the look of droopy jowls, says Dermaxime.com. In fact, all you have to do is tilt your head back so you're looking up at the ceiling, then pucker up. Hold this kissing expression for several seconds, as you feel the skin pull taut in the cheeks, mouth and throat. Relax and repeat at least five times.