The Calories in Broccoli With Garlic Sauce

broccoli with garlic sauce and almonds 3

Teresa Kasprzycka/Hemera/Getty Images

Broccoli with garlic sauce is a healthy meal originating from China. It usually includes oyster or soy sauce, along with stock and crushed garlic. It is a low-calorie option, coming to under 100 calories if prepared with vegetable stock.


You can make broccoli with garlic sauce in several ways, but a recipe on the Epicurious website shows that the key ingredients for one portion are 1/4 lb. of broccoli, 1 garlic clove, 1/2 tsp. of canola oil, 1/2 tbsp. of oyster sauce, 1 oz. of chicken stock and a dash of sesame oil.

Calories in Each Ingredient

The USDA's calorie counter website, MyFood-a-pedia, states that 1/4 lb. cooked broccoli contains around 32 calories; 1 garlic clove is approximately 4 calories; 1/2 tsp. of canola oil and a dash of sesame oil is around 25 calories; 1/2 tbsp. of oyster sauce is 4.5 calories; and 1/2 cup of chicken stock is 43 calories.

Overall Calories

Broccoli with garlic sauce made with chicken stock contains about 109 calories. Using vegetable stock instead of chicken stock will reduce the total calorie count to about 81.