About Topical Cutting Gel

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Topical cutting gel is a transdermal gel applied to the skin surface for body toning, cellulite reduction and muscle building. Topical cutting gels are touted to be effective in reducing accumulated fat and cellulite from areas of the body such as the chin, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Some of these products are available in a cellulite formula, NO (nitrous oxide) booster or Product X Dermasize produced by Legal Gear.

Cellulite Controlling Gels

According to Vitadigest.com, cellulite controlling formulas break up fat accumulation in areas like the arms and thighs. Topical cutting gel is a substance that supposedly goes through your skin and causes fat cells to release their stored fat molecules into the bloodstream to be burned. One such product is Nutrasport Cutting Gel, which contains a somewhat mysterious substance that it calls Epidril. Epidril, say the makers of Nutrasport, is a combination of aminophylline within a lecithin-based gel.

NO (Nitrous Oxide) Gels

NO (Nitrous Oxide) boosters produce vasodilatation which increases circulation lowers blood pressure and allows increased oxygen and nutrients supply throughout the body and the elimination of metabolic waste. Examples of NO topical gels are Maxoderm HFR by Barmensen Labs and NO Infuse by Legal Gear.

Product X Dermasize by Legal Gear

According to Vitadigest.com, Product X Dermasize by Legal Gear is an effective anabolic topical gel for muscle growth and quick recovery. It is absorbed quickly through the skin and into the blood stream in a time released fashion that works throughout the day.

How to Use

Topical cutting gel should be applied to the targeted area once or twice daily before a workout. It’s important to target and focus on one area for a week or two, then move on to another. Topical cutting gel should not be applied all over the body. The breakdown of that much fat cell in the body may be difficult to process. The gel should be applied sparingly using about the size of a grape for the abdomen or two shoulders. The gel should be rubbed in the targeted area for about 45 seconds.


According to Vitadigest.com, the benefits of topical cutting gel are improved circulation and decreased blood pressure. It also nourishes the muscles, increases energy and endurance and strengthens muscle building. Other benefits include reduction of cellulite in areas such as the arms, thighs and buttocks and under the chin. It makes skin tighter, softer and smoother.


According to NCAHF.org (National Council about Health Fraud), the Federal Trade Commission has charged a Utah-based company, five related corporations, and three individuals with making many false and unsubstantiated claims for weight-loss and fat-loss gels and supplements. The complaint focuses on six heavily promoted products: Dermalin, Cutting Gel, and Tummy Flattening Gel (topical fat-loss gels with the same active ingredient); Leptoprin and Anorex.


There are several topical cutting gels on the market. Choice should be made bearing in mind that an informed consumer is a wise consumer who knows what she wants and knows the function, safety and effects of products she purchases.