Scar Healing Ointments

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Scars can often be unsightly and embarrassing. If you have a scar that you would like to treat with an ointment, look for products that contain certain scar healing ingredients. The ointment should do more than moisturize the skin. In order to help reduce the appearance of scars, the ointment needs to contain agents that can help exfoliate and restore the skin to its original condition.


Allantoin is an odorless white powder commonly used in scar healing products. The compound is a crystalline oxidation product of uric acid and helps promote tissue growth, according to The American Heritage Medical Dictionary. Allantoin fuctions as a skin protectant and conditioning agent in skincare products, making skin appear more supple and reducing the appearance of damaged skin, according to The FDA allows allantoin as an active ingredient in over-the-counter products, and the Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel deems allantoin safe as a cosmetic ingredient.

Lactic Acid

Also known as alpha hydroxy acid, lactic acid is a natural occurring acid. Even though it is categorized as an acid, this common skincare product ingredient does not damage the skin and is on the FDA's Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) list. Lactic acid plays an important role in scar healing because it is considered to be an exfoliant, according to Exfoliants remove dead skin cells from the surface, which can help reduce scar appearance over time. Lactic acid also acts as a skin conditioner and reduces flaking of skin cells by drawing in moisture from the surrounding air.


Ointments with soy can help scarred skin return to its original state, helping make it smooth. According to, the hydrogenated soybean oil that is extracted from the soybean plant acts as an emollient skin conditioner. Emollients lubricate the skin, turning the skin cells soft. Continuous lubrication with soybean oil can, over time, help the skin become flat and smooth again. Gentle massaging of a scar after applying an ointment with soybean oil can aid in this process.