2nd Wedding Newspaper Announcement Etiquette

by April Sanders ; Updated September 28, 2017

Tell immediate family members before announcing it in the newspaper.

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Some things are better the second time around, and with luck that will include your second marriage. The etiquette for second marriages can be tricky, and even something as simple as the newspaper announcement might need to be handled delicately.

Before You Write

The first thing you should – before you even write the announcement – is tell your children that you are getting married again. Children of both the bride and groom should be told of the upcoming nuptials before anyone else. Your ex-spouse should also be told right away. After that, tell your parents and close family members and friends. Then, place the announcement in the newspaper – if you decide to do it at all. Someone who is getting married soon after being widowed or divorced may choose to forgo the newspaper announcement entirely, according to The Knot.

In the Announcement

Most major newspapers require that you submit the announcements significantly in advance of the wedding date, according to Martha Stewart Weddings. You don't need to mention that this is your second marriage in the announcement. In most cases, a couple rather than their parents hosts their own wedding when it's the second time around, so you don't need to mention your parents' names unless you want to honor them. It's also appropriate for the bride to go ahead and use the name from her first marriage, especially if she is still using it and most of her friends know her by that name.

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