How to Get Rid of Frown Lines on the Face

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Skin begins to sag as you age, making wrinkles and frown lines more prominent. “Marie Claire” magazine notes that a loss of collagen is partly to blame for drooping skin and fine lines, along with fluctuating hormones and sun damage. While no over-the-counter treatments will get rid of your frown lines completely, some can improve your skin’s firmness and elasticity by helping to fill in wrinkles, smooth your skin and rebuild collagen. Give your skin nourishment, sun protection and a hefty dose of anti-aging ingredients, and you will start to see your frown lines diminish.

Clean your skin every morning using a creamy, moisturizing face wash. Harsh, soap-based cleansers can sap your skin of essential hydration, which can cause your frown lines to look worse. Splash your face with lukewarm water, and suds up the cleanser between your palms. Smooth it onto your face, massage it in and then rinse away the product, getting rid of dead skin cells and dulling residue in the process.

Hydrate your skin and fight off environmental damage by putting on a moisturizer with sunscreen. Choose a product that contains humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin nourished throughout the day. Use a product with SPF 15 or higher. Apply it every morning and throughout the day if you are exposed to sunlight.

Wash your face again at night, and then get rid of dead skin cells with a scrub that contains alpha or beta hydroxy acids. These products help break down and slough off dead cells, as well as encourage new ones to form. This will make your complexion look brighter along with helping to smooth out your frown lines. Use a circular motion to gently smooth the product onto wet skin, and then wash it off.

Apply a cream that contains retinol or niacinamides that build up your skin’s collagen and gives you a firmer, more youthful look by smoothing out your wrinkles and evening out your skin’s texture. Smooth the product all over your face, then wait a few minutes before going to Step 5.

Slather your skin with a rich night cream that contains vitamins. Choose a product that also contains lipids to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier. Parched skin has a harder time rebuilding collagen, and frown lines can look more obvious on a dried-out face. Gently rub as much moisturizer as you need into your skin using your fingertips.