The Best Leg Waxing Products

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Leg waxing products are designed to give you a healthy and effective alternative to shaving your legs or undergoing laser hair removal treatments. While leg waxing is often more time consuming than shaving, the best waxing products can often give you smoother legs and a longer lasting hair removal option.

Clean + Easy Microwaveable Roll-On Waxer

The Clean + Easy Microwaveable Roll-On Waxer allows you to conveniently roll wax onto your legs using the applicator found in the package. The product comes in three different varieties: regular, sensitive and coarse, each of which is sure to treat any type of hair you may have. To use the device, simply place the waxing roll into your microwave until warm. From here, take the wax applicator out and roll it across your legs. Because this product has a rolling applicator, it is quite easy to get an even and consistent layer of wax on your legs. After the wax dries, pull the wax strips off your legs quickly and evenly to get smooth and silky legs.

Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Hard Wax

Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Hard Wax is a therapeutic waxing product that is specially formulated with eucalyptus and natural oils. Unlike many other waxing products, this product does not require the use of wax strips during application. As a result, all you have to do to apply the wax is heat it up and apply evenly with a stick provided in the product's packaging. Although the wax is known for being able to uproot stubborn and coarse hair, it can also be used on more sensitive regions such as your bikini line. The wax comes in a 14-oz. container and pulls up hair from the root to give you a long and durable waxing experience.

Moom for Men Hair Removal System

True to its name, the Moom for Men Hair Removal System is a hair removal system designed specifically for men. While the Moom for Men Hair Removal System works well on hairy legs and arms, it can also be used to remove hard to reach back and neck hairs. Instead of temporary strips or sticks, the Moom for Men Hair Removal System comes with 18 reusable strips that are made out of fabric. In addition, the system comes with four different applicators, which allows you to use the product for an extended period of time. The product is made with six simple ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, water, chamomile, aloe vera and boswellia. All of these combine to form a simple yet powerful formula.