Cellulite Body Wrap Ingredients

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cellulite wraps are almost as varied and plentiful as the many cellulite creams sold in drug and department stores. They can be administered in a salon by an aesthetician or you can buy one for home use. There is conflicting research about many of the products that claim to reduce cellulite because most treatments offer impermanent solutions. However, when purchasing a cellulite wrap or reduction creams there ingredients and methods of application you should shop for to get the best, albeit temporary, results.


Cellulite wraps usually contain caffeine in the form of coffee grounds, which are slathered on your body. This is because "in studies, caffeine-containing products increased cutaneous micro-circulation and reduced the appearance of cellulite", says Dermatologist Jennifer Linder on the IAPAM website. Dr. Linder also states that there are studies "on the physiology of cellulite that support micro-vascular changes in cellulite-effected tissue" with the application of caffeine. In short, caffeine containing products can shrink your cellulite temporarily.

Dr. Linder goes on to clarify that "topical products cannot typically penetrate the skin and devices like ultrasound may be needed for proper absorption."


When you are receiving a cellulite wrap, seaweed or seaweed extract is often applied to your ski. A study in the "American Journal of Chinese Medicine" shows that brown seaweed helps to reduce swelling when applied topically, which would aid in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Seaweed is also used in the cosmetics industry to balance, firm and detoxify the skin because it is rich in phtyo-nutrients, minerals and vitamins.


Salon administered cellulite wraps typically involve a heat component, which is applied locally or in a sauna. In more intensive, radio frequency applications of heat to cellulite, there is evidence of a reduction in sagging and a dimpled appearance. However, in more general terms, the application of heat in cellulite wraps will cause you to sweat profusely, which will diminish bloating.