How to Make Hands Look Younger

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If you want to find out a person's real age, look at their hands. If you see fine lines, dark spots and veiny skin, these are three tell-tale signs of aging. To make your hands look younger, you'll need a step-by-step regimen to treat, rehydrate and protect skin. By following an effective skin-enhancing regimen, you can make your hands appear supple and youthful and keep the people around you guessing how old you really are.

Keep your hands constantly moisturized. Apply moisturizer as soon as you emerge from the shower and after each time you wash your hands to trap the moisture against your skin.

Apply sunscreen religiously. The skin of your hands is even thinner than the skin on your face and will tan and show photodamage just as your face will. Keep a pair of thin cotton gloves in the car and wear them when you drive since your hands are often in direct sunlight when they're resting on the steering wheel.

Use the same bleaching creams and agents that you use on your face since fair, unblemished hands look younger. Choose lotions that contain hydroquinone to bleach freckles and fade sun damage.

Dust the backs of your hands lightly with illuminating body blusher or a subtle body glitter. You'll give your skin a luminous look typical of healthy young skin.

Apply petroleum jelly to the skin of your hands at night and pull cotton gloves on over the jelly. When you awake in the morning your hands should look smooth and shiny.