What Are the Benefits of Emu Oil for Hair?

hair image by DXfoto.com from Fotolia.com

A bird native to Australia, emus have provided oil to the Aborigines for hundreds of years. This oil is high in omega-3s and is noncomedogenic. It is believed by some to be extremely helpful for the health of the hair, particularly when it comes to hair loss, but also to strengthen existing hair, remove frizz and promote shine.

Fights Hair Loss

Emu oil can be used topically on the scalp to fight against hair loss. According to Spencer David Kobren, author of "The Truth About Women's Hair Loss: What Really Works for Treating and Preventing Thinning Hair," emu oil contains high levels of linolenic acid, which helps to not only prevent hair loss, but also stimulates hair growth and hair follicles.

Thickens Hair

Along with promoting hair growth, emo oil can help thicken current hair. In the book, "Winning the Pain Game: The Surprising Discoveries of a Pain Relief Doctor in His Research to Relieve His Own Chronic Pain," authors Dr. Bill Code and Denise Code recommend using emu oil either internally or externally to "wake up 35 to 40 percent of sleeping hair cells." This may cause a considerable difference in the look and feel of hair.

Tames Frizzy Hair

Emu oil can also help tame frizzy or unruly hair, according to licensed hair stylist Alice Hampton. She notes that "emu oil is known for its deep penetrating ability and the ability to super hydrate not just hair but the hair, scalp and skin. It is very rich in omega-3s and essential fatty acids."