Hair Growth: Shaving Vs. Waxing

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Most people spend time each day removing unwanted hair. The most popular at-home techniques are shaving and waxing. Waxing requires some patience, skill and tolerance. For this reason, most wax services are performed in a salon. However, many people use at-home wax kits to remove unwanted hair on the lip and chin. Still, the most popular at-home remedy for unwanted hair is shaving.


It costs approximately $60 to $70 to wax one leg at a salon. The cost to remove facial hair is much less. A lip averages $10 to $15, and brows average $8 to $20. Disposable razors run as little as 25 cents each, but they need to be replaced much more frequently than razors with detachable blades. The base or handle for a detachable razor costs about $10, according to Replacement blades average $3 a piece. Electric razors average from $30 to $250. As you can see, it costs much less to shave. Two visits per month to the salon to rid your legs of hair will set you back about $280 plus tips. Shaving with a detachable blade will cost you less than $20. Of course, there are at-home wax kits that average $50 for a month’s worth of product.


For the most part, shaving is quick and effortless. A few extra minutes in the shower spent shaving rids most people of all unwanted body hair. Waxing takes a little more preparation and time to do at home, and many have to go to the salon to have a professional perform the task. When it comes to effort, waxing requires a much larger investment than shaving.


shaving cuts off the hair mid-shaft, resulting in coarse, prickly stubble that only softens after a few weeks of growth. Waxing pulls the hair completely free of the hair follicle. The follicle must then produce a new hair, which is softer and finer than the hair that was removed.

Shaving Considerations

If you have coarse hair, you may have to shave every day to keep your skin feeling smooth. Ingrown hairs and razor burn are also common with shaving. If you have dark hair, you may even still see hair under the surface of the skin immediately following a clean shave. Waxing, on the other hand, lasts much longer.

Waxing Considerations

Waxing causes a bit of discomfort initially and some skin soreness that can last for several hours after a treatment. You can expect to have smooth skin for one to two weeks after waxing. Regrowth associated with waxing is also much finer and softer than that associated with shaving. Instead of shaving your eyebrows use wax to groom them. Waxing your brows is a more precise hair removal method.