Emma Watson Says Pubic Hair Oil Is a Thing

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Leave it to former “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson to turn a product you never knew you needed into one you can’t live without. During media rounds for her latest film “Beauty and the Beast,” Watson opened up her makeup bag to In the Gloss for a completely candid look at each and every product she uses — even pubic hair oil.

Watson, who is determined to use only natural products on her body, surprised many by admitting her love of the product Fur Oil. “I’ll use that anywhere from the ends of my hair to my eyebrows to my pubic hair, she told the online publication. “It’s an amazing all-purpose product.” Finding your own bottle might be a bit of a challenge. Watson’s testimonials have caused many online outlets to be currently sold out.

If you prefer to keep things hair-free, you can also benefit from using this oil on your lady parts. It helps clear pores and eliminate red bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn. It’s worth mentioning that Fur Oil can also be used on any other area you plan to wax or shave. Fans of the product say it also makes hair grow back softer after continual use!

What’s so great about this oil in particular is that you’ll only find natural items on their ingredients list. They include grapeseed and jojoba oils for vitamins A and E, antibacterial tea tree oil and clary sage seed oil. Thanks to these ingredients, the oil gives off a lovely lemon and lavender scent.

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If you care to start your natural journey somewhere less private, Watson shared plenty of other ways you can incorporate better products into your daily routine. She loves beauty products from all different price points, including the extremely affordable Red Pomegranate Cheek and Lip Stain from The Body Shop and more expensive goodies from London-based Content, where her obsession with natural products first began.

No matter where you choose to start your journey, it’s great that Watson is helping to promote a more organic and natural way of living and showing that it is attainable regardless of your budget. The most important message to come from our peek inside her makeup bag is that, as women, we should be more open to sharing details about things that could make us happier — even if they may seem a little embarrassing.

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