How to Roast a Whole Cauliflower Head

by Jamie Lebowitz ; Updated July 07, 2016

Save yourself some cleanup with this recipe, which avoids the inevitable veggie crumble of cutting into raw cauliflower. In this recipe, mix delicious and healthy ingredients to create a marinade to coat an entire head of cauliflower, which you can then toss in the oven.

This recipe, which calls for just a few ingredients, will also save you time and money. Marinate your cauliflower head with a combination of plain Greek yogurt, lime, vegetable oil and a blend of spices to give it a kick.

Put the knife away for the first step, because all the work takes place in a mixing bowl. Grab a spoon for mixing, but be prepared to get your hands dirty when you smear the marinade onto the surface of the cauliflower.

Next, pop the whole veggie into the oven until your brown-crusted creation is ready to serve.

After cooling, cut the roasted cauliflower head into pie slices or break into florets. You won’t feel guilty about indulging, since one slice gives you just 60 calories. This makes for a delicious and nutritious low fat, low carb side or entrée. You’ll even get a little protein from the Greek yogurt.

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