How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Your Husband

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As wives, it should be our goal to please our husband at all times and to be the only woman who is always attractive and irresistible to him. Here are few steps to ensure that the man we married to will always be drawn to us:

Be the woman your husband has fallen in love with for the first time and keep that everyday. Most women tend to change after they got married in terms of how they take care of themselves and in their attitudes. Let your man see everyday the beauty of who you are when he falls in love with you.

Express your true beauty and let your husband see it all the time. Let your natural beauty (external and internal) shine out more than wearing makeup or trying to be someone you are not.

Put variety in your life. Avoid doing the same things everyday in every aspect of your personal expression and overall marriage life. Surprise your husband even thru simple gestures such as wearing a different dress/blouse, wearing your hair a little bit differently or cooking something he haven't tried before.

Be free when you are with your husband. It is true that problems, concerns, and worries are part of life but don't let them affect your interaction with him. Try your best to enjoy your husband's company without letting him see that you are affected by life's cares.

Make your home better than his mother's home. Most men feel freedom at his mother's place where he grew up and nurtured and after marriage you want to offer that kind of haven to him. Make your home warmer and comfortable to him with lots of loving presence.

Do not let few small things get in the way of enjoying bonding time together with your husband such as irritation, smell, grudges, finances, etc. Support your husband in every aspect and show your love to him unconditionally without regrets.