Why Do Flipflops Cause Smelly Feet?

Everyone wears them. We like to when it's warm outside and we want to dress casual. Flip-flops are a staple of summer. But what effect do they have on our foot hygiene and our the smell of our feet?


Flip-flops are designed to keep our feet off the ground and protect our bare soles from the pavement, grass, basically whatever we walk on. But sometimes that protection lacks, as our toes are not covered, therefore allowing dirt and bacteria in.

Cheapness Factor

Let's face it, we don't spend as much on our flip-flops as we would on boots or sneakers. The rubbery and spongy material easily absorbs any odor or perspiration that we exude, making it a breeding ground for smell and bacteria.

Playing Sports

Even though people are not supposed to, many people will play sports or do physical activities in flip-flops. Obviously, working up a sweat does not help the smell factor of your feet.


Flip-flops come in handy when you are using a public shower either at the gym or a public pool. They offer a barrier between your feet and the tiles beneath that numerous people before you have used. You would think a shower would make your feet cleaner, but the constant use of the same flip-flops repeatedly getting wet and absorbing your runoff will make your feet smell.

Wash Much?

How many people wash their flip-flops? Even if there are some, it isn't on a daily basis. Washing your sandals is the easiest way to get rid of dirt and bacteria. However, if they aren't washed, how would they ever get clean? How would all that perspiration get out of that sponginess? The bottom line is that if items such as shoes are not cleaned, they will smell.