What Sort of Preservatives Are in McDonalds Food?

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Knowing what sort of preservatives are in McDonald's food can help you make wise eating choices and know exactly what is going into your body. This knowledge can also help you make better food choices for your family, as some additives and preservatives have been shown to cause attention disorders in children. Education is the best tool when it comes to healthy eating, and the preservatives in McDonald's and other fast food menus, are worth researching.

Personality-Altering Preservatives

While all food contains preservatives and additives, McDonald's in particular are known for having many in excess. In a study conducted by Southhampton University in 2008, researchers confirmed that children who regularly eat certain preservatives and additives are more at risk for attention disorders such as hyperactivity and lack of impulse control. Preservatives and additives that are prevalent in McDonald's food and able to cause such issues for children include sodium benzoate, ponceau, sunset yellow and quinoline yellow. These are all found in a basic cheeseburger, as well as more "grown up" menu options such as Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Big Macs.

Other Preservatives

These are not the only preservatives found in McDonald's food. Others include calcium propionate (sandwich buns), sorbic acid (cheese), and potassium sorbate (pickles). This may or may not be an inclusive list, as the McDonald's corporation has never released every single ingredient found in their menu items.

Preserved Forever?

Multiple 2010 news reports exposed the fact that a few researchers and health-related professionals allowed McDonald's Happy Meals to sit out on a kitchen counter or bookshelf for as long as a few years, and witnessed no variable change to the food's appearance. Other preservatives that are occasionally listed by McDonald's nutrition guides that may be responsible for this eternal life are azodicarbonamide (bun), calcium disodium EDTA (cheese) and sodium acid pyrophosphate (fries).