What Foods to Take for a Weekend Trip When Staying in a Hotel With a Small Kitchen

Personal preferences, the agenda for your trip and the size of your suitcase all come into play when you plan what food to carry with you for a weekend away from home. You'll probably be out exploring the environs during the day, and you may want to eat out in local restaurants for at least one dinner, so focus on snacks, breakfasts and foods that work for either lunch or dinner.


Your favorite dry cereal, granola or packets of instant oatmeal all travel well if you pack them in a sturdy zipper-top plastic bag so they won't tear and spill into your suitcase -- two-day's worth of cereal doesn't take up much space. Pack a few handfuls of dried fruit, such as cranberries or banana chips, to sprinkle onto your cereal or nosh on during the day.


Breakfast cereals can double for snacks if you like, but bring other snacks for a mid-afternoon break in your hotel or for late-night munchies. Pack extra plastic bags to portion out the snacks during your two days. Snacks that travel well include:

  • Roasted nuts,
  • Apples, which stay fresh for one to three days at room temperature, 
  • Soft cookies, which travel well without breaking apart
  • Chocolate kept in a plastic bag while traveling.


Pack at least one plastic bottle of your favorite beverages, just in case you arrive when stores are closed. Also consider bringing:

  • Individual packets of instant coffee;
  • Packets of sugar for the coffee;
  • A packet or two of hot chocolate or instant cider for an evening snack if you're traveling in winter. 

Perishable Foods

Most perishable foods need refrigeration after two hours at room temperature, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, so only bring foods that will stay safe during the entire time you spend traveling. You can safely include:

  • Beef, turkey or salmon jerky;
  • Tangerines or oranges, packed in a hard container so they don't get squished;
  • Bananas, if you can pack them in hard containers as you do the citrus fruits. 

Substantial Food

Check if you have a microwave in the small hotel kitchenette. If you think you'll want to eat lunch at the hotel or cook dinner, bring these meals:

  • microwavable meal or soup packet that just needs water to be added;
  • Tortillas or pita bread rounds;
  • Single-serving packets of peanut butterrefried beans, tuna or meat spreads that work as either dinner or lunch spread on tortillas or pita bread;
  • Precooked rice in a pouch. Add nuts, dried fruit and canned chicken for a rice pilaf dinner to microwave.