What Do Russians Eat?

Although it’s not exactly a country known for its cuisine, Russia actually boasts a wide range of tasty and interesting dishes. From a variety of soups, meat dishes and desserts, Russian cuisine features something guaranteed to satisfy even the world’s most finicky eater.


Soup remains a staple in Russian cuisine. Shchi, a hot soup comprised of cabbage, carrots, meats and spicy herbs, is one of the most popular national dishes in Russia.


Rasstegay, a small pie-like pastry usually filled with seafood or rice, tends to be served alongside broth or other types of soups.


These thin dumplings are often stuffed with pork, onions and a variety of spices. Largely associated with the region of Siberia, pelmenis are especially popular during different holiday seasons.


Kholodets is a very popular dish featuring jellied meats (usually pork or veal) alongside various vegetables and spices. Toppings usually include horseradish or mustard.


Bliny, or blintzes, have a consistency close to that of crepes. This thin pancake-like pastry is often filled with farmer's cheese or fruit.