Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Love You Again

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Relationships have peaks and valleys, and people who are together for years change as they get older. There are times when a relationship feels more like work or the "spark" seems to have left. It's not just men who can get bored and have a roving eye, your girlfriend can feel the sizzle go out of a relationship, too. If you feel like her love is waning, there are ways to spice up the relationship.

Space and Codependence

Confidence is just as important throughout the relationship as it is in the beginning. This is not the time to make grand gestures and try to see her more. Let her have her time with her friends. Remain confident in your interactions with her and remain supportive and friendly. Use this tactic just when you think she's starting to lose interest. If this has been a problem for weeks or months, it's time to communicate.


This advice sometimes sounds trite, but if you are feeling there is a problem in the relationship, it's important to say so. Rather than confront and then immediately air your grievances, you should bring up the subject calmly and then be prepared to listen to whatever your girlfriend has to say about it. Sharing your feelings will help to solidify your bond and reconnect. Use this tactic if there are specific events you can identify as the cause of her disinterest.

Have Fun Together

Sometimes people start to grow apart because their lives and schedules change. And it isn't a cause for a big argument or serious talk; it just is what it is, and the solution is to simply make time for one another. Do this by having a good time together. One of the best ways to do this is to take off your adult cap and do an activity that makes you feel like kids. Have a water gun fight. Play a game of Marco Polo in the pool or push her on a swing set.

Spice up the Bedroom

Everyone enjoys variety in lovemaking. So try something out of character. Give her a back massage during foreplay or spend time just being close with her, talking before you start to get sexual. During intimate conversation, be sure to listen and be supportive. Look her in the eye and show affection by touching her face or stroking her hair. Have a steamy, long make-out session and be the one to hold off on intercourse.

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