How to Use Psychology With Men

Men and women might be equal, but they are also very different. Understanding how men think is crucial--whether your goal is finding Mr. Right, selling a product to a male customer or improving your relationship with your husband, son or father. Here's how to use psychology with men.

Understand the traditional gender role of men throughout Western history. For centuries men have seen themselves as the provider, protector and problem solver of the household. This history explains why today men sometimes put earning a paycheck ahead of family obligations, get in bar fights and offer practical rather than nurturing approaches to women's emotional crises.

Keep this traditional role in mind when dealing with men and use it to your advantage. You can get your husband to leave work early and go to your daughter's play if you mention his role as a protector--since girls who don't feel loved by daddy often grow up to be promiscuous. Sell products to men emphasizing their safety features.

Appeal to men's problem solving skills rather than their sympathy. Emotion and weakness is often a turn off. Bursting into tears on a regular basis will drive men away--but asking them to help you solve a problem will bring out the best in them.

Appeal to their sexuality and their stomach when it's appropriate. Looking pretty, acting seductive or serving a delicious meal are time-tested approaches for getting on their good side.