Why Is Trust Important in a Relationship?

by Colin Bondi

An important ingredient in any romantic relationship is the establishment of trust. The presence of trust is a key indicator of the health of a relationship as well as the level of intimacy between partners.

What is trust?

Trust can be defined as a feeling of safety or comfort in reference to another person. We can also think of it as a choice we make when we enter into a relationship with another person. It is a skill that is developed as we gain more experience relating on an intimate level.

Developing trust

Trust is something that usually develops over time as two people open up to each other and share about themselves. It involves a degree of vulnerability as we share personal details of our lives with partners and is deepened and validated when we adhere to the boundaries of the relationship.

Loss of trust

When trust is betrayed due to the actions of one or both partners it can lead to stress, anxiety, reduced intimacy and potentially the end of the relationship.

Reestablishing trust

Rebuilding lost trust can be a challenge but it is possible with time, open communication and forgiveness. The help of a counselor may be required in some cases and can be a valuable resource.


If we value trust and consciously work to cultivate it with our partners, we will increase the chances of a happy, healthy relationship.

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About the Author

Colin Bondi is a writer, counselor and technology consultant based in Portland, Ore. Bondi has been a writer and blogger since 2005 and has had articles published online and in "Dot Connector Magazine." He has 15 years of experience in counseling and holds a master's degree in psychology from Southern Connecticut State University.