Trick Out Your Tech for Halloween

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Boo! Halloween is the time of year that we take joy in being frightened. Ghosts, goblins, vampires, and zombies are part and parcel of the season. This year, invite something spooky into your phone, tablet, and laptop – here are a handful of creepy apps, games, and decorative cases for your gadgets.

Zombify Yourself

Zombies have never been more popular, and now you can turn yourself or your friends into one. There are a wealth of apps for your phone that can “zombify” a photo, but if you’re looking for somewhere to start, try ZombieBooth, available for free. After taking a single photo, this app can create a surprisingly convincing 3D animated view of your undead face.

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Encase Your iPhone With Mr Frank

Know what’s scarier than Halloween? Damaging your phone because it’s not protected by some sort of case. Why not combine the two with a Halloween-themed phone case? Check out, for example, an iPhone case featuring Mr Frank, a stylish (some might say hipster) update on the classic monster.

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Skin Your iPhone With Pumpkin Pattern

Want to spruce up your phone but don’t want the added bulk or weight of a case? Sounds like what you need is a skin – a thin, easy-to-remove, vinyl decal that adheres to the back of your phone. And since it’s Halloween, how about applying these adorably spooky pumpkins?

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Send a Halloween Greeting Card

In this digital age, the old fashioned greeting card seems to becoming a thing of the past. Perhaps this is the year to send some fun Halloween greeting cards to your friends for free with – you guessed it – Halloween Card Creator. Aimed at kids, this app lets you make cards using a collection of clip art and text fields. Completed cards can be sent to Facebook, email, and more.

Halloween Card Creator

Carve a Virtual Jack-o-Lantern

Do your kids want to decorate a pumpkin but you don’t like the mess? No worries – make a virtual jack-o-lantern instead. Carve-a-Pumpkin, from Parents Magazine, lets youngsters (of any age, presumably) perform surgery on a pumpkin, apply a colorful and spooky background, and share the result on Facebook or a number of other destinations.

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Skin Your Laptop With Pumpkin I

Everyone, it seems, dresses up their phones in skins and cases, but why not show a little love for your laptop, as well? It’s hard not to love this ominous jack-o-lantern skin, which functions as an easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove vinyl decal to the back of your laptop screen. It comes in a variety of sizes for PCs and Macs.

Pumpkin I on Society 6

Protect Your Laptop With Halloween Ghost

Dress up your iPad (either the mini or full-size version) for Halloween and give it a measure of protection from bumps, scrapes, and drops at the same time. An iPad case like this one is an impact resistant hard shell case with bumpers that dissipate hard shocks. And what better image to adorn your tablet than this cute little ghost set against an orange background?

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Play a Halloween Adventure Game

If you like exploring and solving puzzles, you’ll want to install Haunted Halloween Escape, a free app that puts you in a haunted mansion looking for the way out. It plays like a traditional graphic adventure – tap around the colorful, animated mansion to collect objects and solve puzzles.

Haunted Halloween Escape

Skin Your iPad With I Used to Be Scarier

How can you resist this poor ghost who laments that he was scarier before having an iron mark burned onto his ghostly body? He may look sad, but at least you can use this adhesive vinyl decal to brighten up your iPad. Plus, it's easy to remove if you’d rather replace him with something else after Halloween is over.

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Play a Castle Defense Halloween Game

In ZombieSmash, you’re the lone survivor of a zombie apocalypse. Correction: You’re not a survivor yet. You get to hold off wave after wave of zombies who relentlessly assault your castle. You can play alone or compete in multiplayer tournaments. Either way, this is a highly entertaining game that’s easily worth the 99 cent cost of entry.

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Make Spooky Sound Effects with Your Phone

It’s no secret that half the scares in any spooky movie are from what you hear, not what you see. In that spirit (if you’ll pardon the expression), install some Halloween sound effects on your iPhone. There are many to choose from, but a great, free choice is Halloween Spooky Sound Box Free. And it delivers exactly what it claims: a ton (60, in fact) of music clips, sound effects, screams, and more – all of which you can loop and layer to your heart’s content.

Halloween Spooky Sound Box Free