How to Train a Husband

If you've ever wondered how to get your husband to pick up his dirty clothes, to stop leaving his dirty dishes in the sink or to just take the initiative with anything that involves housework, your wildest dream is about to come true. The same technique that will get a dolphin to jump through a hoop will get your husband to do the dishes without you asking. Just keep reading.

Know your husband. Know his strengths, weaknesses, what makes him happy, sad, angry and anything else that will allow you to appropriately train him to be the husband you want him to be.

Reward good behavior. If he washes his dishes after dinner tell him thank you. If he washes all of the dishes after dinner, show him your appreciation. The idea is to reward him for doing anything right, no matter how small, and eventually he will do whatever it is you're looking for him to do in anticipation of his reward.

Ignore bad behavior. The easiest way to get behavior you detest to stop is to ignore it. Any reaction, good or bad, just reinforces the behavior and guarantees that it will continue.

Redirect unwanted actions by giving your husband something else to do. If you don't like being crowded when you're doing housework and you know he can be enticed with food, place a bowl of something he likes on the other side of the house and that will draw him away from you. Whatever the behavior, replace it with something you know he'll like. The idea is he can't do two things at the same time so he is going to choose the one he likes.

Identify your role in causing the behavior you don't like. You may be triggering some of the unwanted behavior. Training you husband may also mean training yourself to stop enabling the bad behavior.

Evaluate your success, make adjustments where necessary and repeat Steps 2 through 5. Soon, you will have the best trained husband on the block.