This is the Damage Just ONE Beer a Day Could Do to Your Face

by Ekua Hagan

Whether it’s the excuse of St. Patrick’s Day, the pressure of tax time or just the end of a brutal work week–you might have a pretty good reason to hit your local pub and ask for the big old bucket of beer. Hey, even the seemingly perfect David Beckham can use a pint every now and then.

But if you indulge regularly–like every… single… day…, you might want to consider what it’s doing to your face. We’ve done the research and the future looks bleak. Luckily, the folks at Change My Face have collaborated with the Scottish government to show you the damage you’re doing.

Called Drinking Mirror, their app allows you to upload your photo, and then “age” it to see what you’ll look like in 10 years based on your habit of 1-to-5, or 6-to-10 drinks per week. The results are rough.

So how does Drinking Mirror calculate its predictions?

Seems like they use the same information experts been trying to tell you for years. The more alcohol you drink, the more you can expect:

Deep Wrinkles. Alcohol decreases your level of vitamin A, which your skin needs to effectively produce collagen (the supporting proteins that keep it looking smooth). You lose collagen anyway as you age, but drinking just speeds it up.
Red, Blotchy Skin. Drinking widens the small blood vessels in your skin, causing redness and broken capillaries over time.
Puffy Eyes, Bloated Face. As you keep knocking ’em back, your skin will retain excess fluid, creating a swollen look especially around the eyes.

Granted, all of this is scary, but not as scary as the test The Daily Mail conducted with these celebrities… Take a look at what 6 beers a week does to a few people you might recognize…

So what’s the takeaway? First, Drinking Mirror kills dreams. Second (and more importantly according to the folks behind the app) dropping down to 5 drinks a week or less can actually help save your skin. A little.

Cheers, eHow!

Photos: #1: Getty Images. #2: DrinkingMirror. #3-6: TheDailyMail