Is There an Easy Way to Peel Lychee?

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For those unfamiliar with the lychee, its rough, cobbled exterior may initially seem puzzling, even intimidating, but rest assured that the lychee fruit is more accessible than it appears. Housed inside the lychee's callous red rind is a lovely pale white fruit that possesses a sweet and delicate floral flavor. The lychee shell gives easily when pressure is applied, granting instant access to the delicious fruit inside.

Peeling the Lychee Nut

The fruit of the lychee is easily accessed by firmly pressing on one end of the lychee shell until it gives and breaks open. You can also dig your fingernail into the rind while applying pressure for a more controlled peel. Once the rind has been broken open, the lychee fruit should simply slide right out. Peel the fruit away from the brown, oblong-shaped nut it surrounds and enjoy.