How to Tell Someone How You Feel

For some people, speaking their mind isn't very easy. In the end many will find that while it may be difficult, those who truly care about you need to know what you are thinking. Here are some ways to tell someone how you feel.

Letting someone you love and care for know how you really feel is very important, but it can be difficult. You have to be able to let go of your fears and let them know what is deep down in your heart.

How can you let them know you need to talk to them? Do it in some simple way. Leave them a nice little note saying you want to talk about something, or call and leave a voicemail saying you have something you want to talk about. Make sure you don't make it sound like bad news if it isn't, you don't want the person you care so much for worrying all day.

Tell yourself that it is going to be ok to open up and let it all out. Holding things in isn't healthy for you and it isn't very fair to the other person either.

Understand that honesty is always the best policy. Don't sit down and just try to talk around how you really feel. Let them know exactly how you feel and be completely honest. If you want them to be honest, you must be completely honest yourself.

Realize that telling someone how you really feel helps your relationship move forward. If you are unable to tell someone how you feel your relationship will generally be quite stagnant.