How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Going to Break Up with You

Men are pretty good at hiding their true emotions in most situations. But when it comes to an impending break up, most men send clear signals that they want out of the relationship.

Jilted women often feel extremely hurt and confused, thinking that the break up came out of nowhere, with no warning. However, if they had read the signals, many women might have been more prepared.

If you don't want to be caught off guard when a boyfriend dumps you, here is a guide to help you forecast when the end is near.

Notice if he suddenly calls and texts much less frequently. A change in communication can mean two things: (1) that the relationship has moved to a higher level of stability and commitment, and thus fewer reassurances are needed, or (2) that one partner has lost interest in the relationship and wants to create distance.

If your boyfriend stops calling, and it's not for the first reason, the best thing to do is to give him space. Resist the urge to call him repeatedly. Desperation will turn him off even more.

Notice if your boyfriend starts going out without telling you, particularly if he always told you before and even invited you along. Men often do this as a set up for confrontation. When you later ask him where he was, he may make exaggerated claims that you are trying to control him. Later he may use it as an excuse to break up.

Paranoid aggression is typical in abusive relationships, and very common among cheaters. Consider it a good thing if he breaks up with you, or better yet, dump him first.

Observe if his female friends show up or call more often. Many men prefer to confide relationship troubles to their women friends, instead of their male friends. When his female friends start showing more concern than usual, or act embarrassed around you, it could be that they know something you don't!

Pay attention if he starts collecting his things from your house, stops leaving things behind, and encourages you to take your belongings with you. Men often do this before breaking up so as to avoid property battles. They also do it to avoid that awkward post-breakup moment when you both collect your stuff.

One last sign is if he stops talking to you about the future. No grand vacation plans, no concerts to attend, no visits to family, it all means one thing--no future.

You cannot always stop an impending break up. He may not be ready for commitment, or there could be other reasons that have nothing to do with you. The best thing to do is try to talk out your problems and work on reconciling, if you think he's worth it.

Though it may be painful at first, you will eventually see the break up as a good thing. You should desire a man who desires you.