Teas That Stop Facial Hair Growth

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Most men worry about losing hair at a young age. Women, however, often worry about having hair on areas that they are not meant to, such as the face. There are numerous ways to hide this hair, including shaving, bleaching and laser removal. Unfortunately, all of these options have downsides. Luckily, there are several teas that you can make at home that lower testosterone in the body, thus reducing the growth of hair.

Spearmint Tea

A numerously cited study showed that types of mint tea, especially spearmint, drank twice a day over a five day period, showed a significant decrease in testosterone within the body. This five day study showed that spearmint tea reduced testosterone, which helped women with disorder known as hirsutism, which caused hair growth in areas women do not usually have growth. Spearmint tea can even be made at home. Bring three cups of water to a boil. Place a teaspoon of dried spearmint into a strainer or infuser. Pour two cups of boiling water over the leaves into your tea pot. Allow two to three minutes for the mint to steep. This will make the two cups of recommended tea per day. Do not stop after five days. Continuous consumption of the tea will continue to reduce testosterone.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea also reduces testosterone and thus hair growth, though not to the extent that spearmint tea does. Peppermint tea is what lead researchers to study spearmint tea, as they knew the active ingredient that they thought reduced hair grow was more concentrated in spearmint tea than peppermint. Some stores provide peppermint tea bags, which reduce the time it takes to prepare the tea if in a rush. If you do not have the peppermint tea bags, you can make the tea just as you would spearmint tea. Pour two cups of boiling water over a teaspoon of dried peppermint. Allow to steep for two to three minutes.

Chaste Tree Tea

Chaste Tree tea also has the effect of lowering testosterone in its users. It is also known as "Vitex agnus castus," its scientific name. Though not as effective as spearmint tea, chaste tree berry tea does have the effect of now only lowering testosterone, but can even be combined with other herbs such as lavender, St. John's and California Poppy. Chaste tree berry tea is not as easy to make as spearmint and peppermint teas, as it is difficult to find it dried in most areas. You can purchase the plant's seeds and grow them yourself. Just make sure to dry them before making tea. The easiest way to make this tea is to buy the tea bags online for a cheaper price.

Brassica Tea

Brassica vegetables consist of broccoli, collard greens and cauliflower. None of these vegetables seem to be amazing ideas for making tea, but they all contain diindolylmethane (DIM). DIM also has been found to reduce testosterone in the body. The easiest way to get the benefits of DIM is to take it in pill form. While brassica tea is not as potent at reducing testosterone as spearmint tea, it does have other benefits. It has been found that DIM also has preventative effects against cancer. It is not very viable to make your own brassica tea by attempting to drink water that broccoli has been boiled in, so once again you can order these tea bags online for around 6 dollars.