How to Restore Gray Hair With Kombucha

The Kombucha mushroom has become a breakthrough in alternative medicine in recent years. In 1995, The Annals of Emergency Medicine published an article that discussed in brief the idea spreading in America that the Kombucha mushroom could create a tonic that is being hailed by many as having “fountain of youth” effects. Reputed to do everything from cure cancer to cleanse the system, the Kombucha mushroom has made fans all over the world. One of the more common uses for the mushroom is to restore graying hair to its original color. Mix the tea properly and you may see your own results.

Acquire your Kombucha mushroom from an Internet retailer or a health food store. These mushrooms will be previously used, to increase the effectiveness. The mushroom will come with starter tea, which is from a previous batch, to get things going.

Wash your hands well before handling the ingredients for Kombucha tea. This will prevent bacteria and germs from mixing with the tea.

Bring 3 ½ quarts of filtered water to boil on a stove. Use filtered water only, as chlorine from tap water may change the taste and effectiveness of Kombucha tea.

Turn off the heat. Add one cup of sugar and five black tea bags to the boiling water. If you want to experiment with other tastes, use green tea or white tea, but do not use artificially flavored tea bags, as they do not contain the same nutrients.

Allow the tea bags to steep for 15 minutes. Remove the bags, cover the pot and allow the tea mixture to cool completely. This can be done for a few hours, or overnight.

Pour your tea mixture into a glass jar. Add the Kombucha mushroom and at least half a cup of the starter tea. Cover the jar with cheese cloth, which will allow air in but keep dust and bugs out. Secure the cloth to the top of the jar with a rubber band.

Store the jar in a warm, dark place for a week. Fermentation time varies from one week to 15 days, depending on temperature; the warmer the temperature, the shorter the fermentation time.

Check your tea after a week. Your mushroom should be growing a smaller mushroom. When this smaller growth is 1/8 inches thick, the tea is ready.

Drink two to four ounces of Kombucha tea three times per day, usually before meals, to see results. You can gradually increase the dosage if you like the tea and want to see faster results.