Summertime Prayers for Children

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When summer hits, school is out and children spend countless hours playing outside and frolicking in God's creation. Summer is also a good time to focus more on prayer and encourage your child to appreciate the wonders of nature God has provided. Summertime prayers are a good way to teach your child to have a regular prayer life and also to offer up prayers of protection for your little ones. Use these prayers or let them inspire you to create a few of your own.


Most families take a vacation during the summer. Teaching children to pray before leaving on a trip teaches them to ask for God's grace and mercy at all times. Here is a sample summer vacation prayer: "Dear God, please watch over my family as we go on our trip. Thank you for this extra time together. Help us have fun and grow closer to each other and you. Amen."


The summer months mean green trees, flowers blooming everywhere, butterflies bursting out of their cocoons and baby animals. Psalm 19:1 says, "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." God is revealed through his creation. Teach your child to appreciate God's creation with this simple childhood prayer: "Dear Lord, thank you for the beauty of summer. Thank you for the warm sun on my face, the butterflies in the garden and ice cream cones. Thank you for baby bunnies, beautiful flowers and trips to the zoo. Thank you for everything you've created. Amen."

Everyday Moments

Teach your child to lift up prayers to God during everyday moments in life. If you are in the car and a storm starts, have your child pray with you to keep the family safe. If you are in the swimming pool, thank God for the opportunity to have fun. If a friend gets hurt, stop immediately and pray with your child for that friend. These prayers tend to be short and to the point, but you may pray with your child a dozen times a day. Here is a sample prayer: "Lord, watch over my friend Ashley. She lost her cat and is sad. Amen."

End of Summer

As summer days come to a close, your child may be sad about trading outdoor time for school time. Or she may be nervous about starting school for the first time or going to a new school. Here is an end-of-summer prayer that might help: "Dear heavenly Father, thank you for this summer. I've had fun. Help me as I start a new school year. Help me to be a good daughter (or son), student and friend. Help me shine my light into my school and bring other children to Christ. Bring me the knowledge I need to do well. Thank you, God. Amen."