Stretching A Ring


0:01 Hello, on behalf of Expert Village, my name is Joe Maughan. I own the Vug, local jewelry

0:06 store in Salt Lake City, and I'm going to demonstrate on how to easily size a ring up

0:11 just by simply stretching it. The basic concept is you've got a ring, any metal ring silver

0:19 or gold, put it on a mandrel. This ring is showing approximately six and a half right

0:25 now. Basically you just take a hammer and stretch the back of a ring. Generally you

0:35 can usually stretch a ring up a size or so, depending on the width and the thickness of

0:42 the ring. That stretched up a half size to a seven. Say that's all you need to go, basically

0:49 after that you would file out the hammer marks, file the sides, cause it does, you know, make

0:59 the sides roughed up. Take a round file and refinish the inside of the ring. Basically

1:08 after that it's ready for polishing. After polishing that's it.