Sterling Silver Jewelry Damaged by Sulfur


0:06 hi I'm Johanna Ingram of Herald studio

0:09 located in downtown Phoenix where you

0:11 can learn how to make your own jewelry

0:13 and today I'm going to talk to you about

0:15 sterling silver jewelry damaged by

0:17 sulfur you may be wondering how sulfur

0:20 and jewelry can come in contact with

0:22 each other one way I can think of is I

0:25 actually recently had a friend who went

0:27 to a sulfur hot spring she forgot to

0:30 take off her jewelry her silver jewelry

0:32 and when she got out it was completely

0:34 black she freaked out thinking she had

0:37 ruined it but I assured her that she

0:40 didn't um it's just a surface layer

0:43 that's on your tarnish layer that's on

0:45 your jewelry and there are a few

0:46 different ways that you can go about

0:48 removing it one of them is by creating a

0:51 bath using some common household items

0:54 that you have at home like tinfoil table

0:59 salt and baking soda you would make sure

1:03 I've got a tin foil pan but you can also

1:07 line a glass bowl with tin foil what you

1:11 would need to do is put hot water into

1:14 your into your bath that's lined with

1:17 tin foil do a tablespoon of salt and a

1:20 tablespoon of baking soda and then put

1:23 your pieces in there and make sure that

1:25 they're completely that they are

1:26 touching your aluminum foil this is

1:30 allowing the tarnish to plate back on to

1:32 the aluminum foil

1:34 you'll be pouring some hot water in

1:36 there and letting them sit for about 5

1:38 to 10 minutes once they're done you

1:41 would take out your your silver piece

1:43 and just maybe loosen up any dirt or

1:47 anything that might be on the silver and

1:49 dump it in some clean water to get the

1:53 tarnish off and I always like to dry it

1:55 off with a towel

1:56 so making a bath is one way you can also

1:59 use a polishing pad I've got this

2:03 sterling silver chain that has become

2:06 tarnished and what you would just do is

2:09 rub the pad over your piece of jewelry

2:12 it's a bit of Brie

2:13 you can also use any kind of polishing

2:16 compound you could sand it off and you

2:20 can see that this pad is getting black

2:22 with the tarnish that was on the jewelry

2:25 so it's working and I'm just taking off

2:28 any of the darkness that was on that

2:31 chain so thank you for watching how to

2:34 remove oxidation on sterling silver

2:36 jewelry I'm Johanna Ingram with Herold

2:38 studio and for more information about me

2:40 or the studio you can visit my bio thank

2:43 you