How to Spy on a Cheating Spouse

Spying on a wife or husband is sometimes necessary so that you can get proof of an affair. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, it is important to get proof before you confront them or let your suspicions be known. A cheating husband or wife will cover their tracks better if they know they are under suspicion.

There are many high tech and low tech ways to spy on and catch cheating spouses. Here are some techniques that your spouse wont' find out about.

Hire someone to follow your husband or wife for one week. If your husband or wife is cheating, there has to be a point during the week where they meet up with their lover. To save money, you can rent a car and have trusted friends or family take turns tailing your spouse. Or, you can hire a private investigator to spy on your husband during certain times, such as lunch breaks, or after work.

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you in your own home, set up hidden cameras near the entryways and in the bedroom. You can hide cameras outside near the porch lights or garage. Inside, you can hide cameras within stuffed animals, or behind one-way mirrors.

As a cheaper alternative to cameras, you spy on a cheating spouse with tape recorders and audio devices. Hide an audio recorder near the bed. If your spouse is having sex with another person in your own bed, you can get irrefutable proof.

Place hidden recording devices in your spouse's car. This can be more difficult and costly than checking the mileage, but it is more accurate. A cheating spouse will have a believable excuse for mileage. Audio spying can also record cell phone conversations in the car.

Monitor your husband or wife's computer use. There are software programs that record keystrokes (called keyloggers), as well as programs that discreetly record screen images. This can be a good investment if you think your spouse arranges to cheat via email, or is having cyber sex.

If your spouse is going away on business, and you think they are cheating with a coworker, see if you can bribe a hotel worker into giving you reports. Alternatively, you can hire a PI in that area to spy on your spouse while they are away.

Remember to gather enough evidence before you confront your spouse with accusations of infidelity of affairs.

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