Do You Soak Raw Peanuts in Water Before You Cook Them?

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You can buy raw peanuts year round, either prepackaged or in bulk at supermarkets. They're edible in their raw state, or you can boil or roast them. Each method entails its own set of steps, all of which you can tweak according to your preferences. Fortunately, neither method requires any detailed prep, such as soaking or blanching.

How to Handle Raw Peanuts

Whether you roast or boil shelled or inshell peanuts, you do not have to soak them before cooking. Shelled raw peanuts are often sold pre-blanched to remove the red skin that covers them. But even if you buy shelled raw peanuts that have not been blanched, you do not have to blanch or soak them before cooking them. The skins will fall away partially or entirely during the cooking process.