Why Are My Smoothies Chunky?

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Smoothies are a great way for people to take in high amounts of nutrients at one time, and as a meal replacement when in a rush. Unlike juicing, where the fiber is left behind, smoothies process the entire fruit or vegetable, along with ice and a liquid to bring it all together. One issue people have when creating smoothies is a chunky finished product. Since a chunky smoothie defeats the entire purpose, it is wise to keep a few things in mind so your smoothies are always how you want them.

Start With the Liquid

If you add the solid ingredients into the blender first, you may end up having an issue with a chunky smoothie even if you have a high-end blender. It is important to get the liquid around the blades first and then add your other ingredients. Some common liquids used for smoothies include water, milk, almond milk, coconut milk and fruit or vegetable juices.

Don't Stop Too Soon

If you are in a rush, which is common in the mornings, it is normal to shut off the blender as soon as it seems like you have blended all the ingredients. Exercise some patience and leave the blender running for at least five or 10 seconds after it appears as though everything has been liquified. This will give it time to break up any smaller chunks that would have ruined your experience.

Watch Your Ratios

It is great when you get excited to add as many health-giving ingredients as you can possibly cram into the blender, but the smoothness of your smoothies may suffer. There is no exact ratio of liquids to solids that you should follow, but if you have problems with chunky smoothies try adjusting the ratio slightly to see if it makes a difference. Save certain ingredients for another smoothie so your blender has enough room to function at full capacity.

Choose Frozen Fruit

Ice is an ingredient in most smoothie recipes, but using frozen fruit instead can add to the 'smooth' factor. Replace the ice and the fresh berries or fruits with frozen fruit, and the smoothies will have a texture more like a milkshake. Buy bags of frozen berries at your supermarket, or freeze your own berries and bananas when you bring them home, and then use them in your smoothie recipes.

Drink It Up

If you make smoothies designed to provide fiber to your diet through bulgur or some other source, it is important to drink the smoothie as soon as it is made, to avoid a chunky texture. Some ingredients thicken as they stand, and if you don't drink it soon after it is made, then you will end up with a chunky smoothie every time.