Simple Party Games for Adults

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When you think of adult party games, you might automatically think of drinking games or complicated murder mysteries, but there are a number of simple games that a group of adults can enjoy playing. Simple games work well because they can be set up with just a few items and the rules can be explained in just a few minutes.

Frozen T-Shirt

A day before the party, take several XXL-sized T-shirts and fold them nicely, then put each one into its own plastic bag. Fill the bags with water, and then place them in the freezer overnight. After the party starts, split the guests into a number of teams equal to the number of frozen T-shirts you have. The teams will have to thaw out the T-shirt enough so that one member can put it on. They can use any method they can think of to thaw the shirt. The first team to get the shirt on someone wins.

The "No" Game

Give each guest a lei or a set of beads when they arrive. If you don’t have leis or beads, you can substitute anything that the guests can put on that is visible to everyone else, like a button. Have the guests try to steal leis from each other by making a lost lei the penalty for saying the word “no.” If a player responds to a question with the word “no,” they have to give up their lei to the person who asked the question. Players can still play after they lose their lei. After a predetermined amount of time has passed, the person with the most leis is the winner.

Hot Camera

Have the guests sit in a circle. Take the cheapest camera you can find with a countdown timer, and give it to someone in the circle. That person has to set the timer and press the button to start it, and then turns the camera around so it is pointing at herself. She then passes the camera to the person on her left. Players continue to pass the camera until it goes off in someone’s face. Not only does the loser get an awkward picture of herself, but you can have her complete a “punishment” by doing something embarrassing, or just have her take a drink, and then start the game again.

Dancing with Apples

Break the guests up into pairs and give each pair an apple or a hard rubber ball, if you have enough. Start some music that everyone can dance to. Have the pairs of dancers place and hold the apple between their foreheads and then start dancing. Change the music up every minute or so to change the pace of the dancing and to try to get people to drop the apple. The last pair to still hold their apple is the winner.

Hidden Coin

Split the guests into two teams and have them sit on opposite sides of a long table. Have all of the players remove any watches, rings and bracelets, and give one player a quarter. All the players on the side of the table with the quarter now put their hands under the table and pass the quarter among themselves. A player on the opposing side will then call “Hands up” and all the players on the side with the quarter need to put their elbows on the table and make fists with their hands so that the quarter cannot be seen. The opposing side now calls “Hands down” and the players must slap the table with the palms of their hands, and keep their hands that way. The opposing side now has to guess which hand the quarter is under. The guessing side has two chances to find the quarter before they lose. Have the losing side take a drink as a punishment for losing.