How to Send a Wire Using a Credit Card

Many people are unaware that wiring money using a credit card as a payment is an option in most places where money transfers can be made including Western Union, banks, PayPal and OboPay. Much like cash, debit card, or bank account information, credit cards are also accepted as a form of payment for wires. There are three basic ways credit card payments are accepted the same as cash: by telephone, in person and online. Read on to learn how to send a wire using a credit card.

Decide whether you want to send the wire by telephone, in person or online.

Have your credit card in front of you so you can give all of your credit card information over the telephone, in person or online.

Pay for a wire using a credit card via telephone by following the operator’s or recording’s prompts that will ask for your credit card information in order to complete the transaction. An operator, computer or recorded voice will take you through the process. Follow the instructions given in each step of the process.

Pay for a wire in person using a credit card by handing your credit card to the person serving you and that person will swipe your credit card and ask you for identification and a signature in order to complete the transaction. The cashier will let you know what forms you need to fill out in order to complete the money transfer.

Pay for a wire online utilizing a credit card by filling in your credit card information when prompted and follow the instructions on the screen throughout the transaction process. The computer screen will give you step by step directions on how to send a wire.