Rosemary Oil to Get Rid of Acne

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There are many different ways to treat acne. You can use over-the-counter products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. However, these may cause side effects such as skin irritation, dryness or peeling of skin, and discomfort. Prescription-strength acne medication has similar side effects that may be more severe. Cosmetic peels and laser therapy are additional options, but they can be expensive. If you prefer a more natural approach to skincare, rosemary oil can be used as a home remedy for acne.


Acne vulgaris, or common acne, is a skin condition caused by a buildup of sebum, or oil, in the pores. Sebum is necessary for keeping hair and skin lubricated, but too much can clog pores. That along with a surplus of dead skin cells and bacteria can result in what we all know as the common zit.

The use of rosemary essential oil treatment is for moderate forms of acne. If you have more severe or cystic acne, consult your doctor.


Rosemary is an herb well-known as a food seasoning, but its use in folk medicine dates back more than a thousand years. According to Leslie S. Bauman, M.D., of the Division of Cosmetic Dermatology, University of Miami School of Medicine, rosemary has been historically used to treat headaches, colds and respiratory disorders,and as an eye wash, tonic and hair growth stimulant.

Recent research has shown that rosemary has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, which make it effective against various types of infections, including acne.


If a buildup of oil causes pimples, how can another oil get rid of them?

It's not the oil itself that causes breakouts, but dead skin cells and bacteria that collect when pores are blocked. Therefore it makes sense that sloughing away the dead skin and bacteria would prevent further blemishes. Rosemary essential oil cleanses skin without drying and will also deter the buildup of bacteria.


Rosemary used for cosmetic purposes can be found in a variety of forms. It's a common ingredient in soaps, hair products, toners and skin creams, and is especially good for those with oily hair or skin. To help treat body acne, use a soap, scrub or lotion that contains rosemary oil.


You may be interested in making your own acne treatment or other beauty products with rosemary essential oil, which can be purchased in any health food or vitamin store. There are many resources available, such as "The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: Over 600 Natural, Non-Toxic and Fragrant Recipes to Create Health--Beauty--a Safe Home Environment, and Rosemary Gladstar's "Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health: 175 Teas, Tonics, Oils, Salves, Tinctures, and Other Natural Remedies for the Entire Family."