Review of Neem Oil for Hair Growth

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Neem oil is an extract from the neem tree an indigenous tree found in South Asia. There are a variety of uses for the oil, they include hair growth treatment and being effective as a pesticide.

Hair Growth

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Neem oil contains vitamin E. It strengthens keratin, the main protein component of human hair. It can be used to reduce hair thinning. Dilute neem oil with a lighter oil like olive or almond and massage directly on the scalp for hair growth and dandruff control, according to Discover


According to Lakshmi Prakash in the article "Natural Actives for Hair Care”, neem oil prevents eczema, psoriasis and other fungal skin and scalp conditions. Neem oil also prevents lice infestations.


According to the University of Michigan Health System, neem oil originated in India, where the bark of the tree was used as toothbrushes. The main constituent in neem is azadirachtin, “which are considered to be antimicrobial.”

Alternate Uses

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Give your dog a wash with neem dog shampoo for a shiny coat. It will also deter fleas, ticks and manage ringworms, suggests Discover


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says, though neem oil is used as pesticide to target pests, it is not expected to pose a risk to humans.