Recipes for Foil-Baked Salmon


0:05 hi I'm Rhonda Lewis fitness and

0:08 lifestyle coach and healthy chef today

0:10 we are going to make foil salmon now one

0:14 of the things I love about making

0:16 anything in foil is that it's incredibly

0:18 healthy because there's not a ton of oil

0:21 or any other additives that might add

0:23 calories and you can make whatever

0:25 combinations you want one of my

0:28 favorites is going agen so I'm going to

0:31 show you how to do that as well the

0:33 first thing we're going to do is preheat

0:34 the oven to 450 degrees so that it

0:37 really steams the fish then you're going

0:40 to take two layers of foil just to make

0:43 it a little bit stronger and you're

0:45 going to spray it with some oil this is

0:48 olive oil so I'm spraying the bottom

0:53 then i'm going to lay my fish down you

0:58 want to put it right in the middle so

1:01 that you have room for all the different

1:03 vegetables now I chose bok choy just

1:08 sprinkle it right over the top I have

1:12 some shitake mushrooms now you can use

1:17 whatever vegetables you want here are

1:19 some pea sprouts pods red pepper now to

1:28 make an Asian sauce I use a couple of

1:30 tablespoons of vegetable oil a couple of

1:34 tablespoons of soy sauce teaspoon

1:39 teaspoon and a half of toasted sesame

1:42 oil and then some I like garlic I think

1:48 there's two garlic cloves in here some

1:51 fresh grated ginger to end some punch to

1:54 it and some red chili flakes for some

1:59 kick now all you do mix it up a little

2:03 bit and pour it over the top

2:08 and last but certainly not least you've

2:12 got to have your scallions so those all

2:17 go on I end little pepper I don't think

2:20 you need salt because the soy sauce is

2:23 pretty salty as it is now fold over the

2:27 sides it's pretty like that fold over

2:31 the sides and really crimp the ends to

2:38 make sure that not no steam or comes out

2:42 or that there's no leakage and all you

2:46 do is make it about 20-25 minutes or so

2:50 and then it looks like this and this is

2:54 what it looks like coming right out of

2:58 the oven now I'm going to plate it so

3:01 you can see what it looks like on the

3:02 plate so I'm going to take it from the

3:08 middle and then all you do is take the

3:10 extra vegetables and put them on the

3:13 side it's colorful it's flavorful it

3:17 gets infused with not only the sauce but

3:20 with the flavor of the vegetables

3:22 because it's in that foil pack I'm rona

3:25 Lewis fitness and lifestyle coach

3:27 healthy chef thanks for joining me for

3:29 foil salmon

3:37 you