Quick & Easy Recipes for Potato Soup


0:00 hi im sue walker and i'm going to show

0:03 you quick and easy recipes for potato

0:05 soup the ingredients are one half cup of

0:09 butter 1 cup of diced celery one-half

0:13 cup of chopped onion 6 cups of cubed

0:16 potatoes one-half cup of flour one half

0:19 cup of cooked bacon bits three cups of

0:22 chicken broth and four cups of cream the

0:27 first thing you do is take your butter

0:28 your dice celery and your chopped onion

0:31 place it in a pan and saute until the

0:34 vegetables are tender add your cubed

0:37 potatoes to the vegetables then you want

0:40 to take half a cup of flour and pour it

0:42 into your potatoes and mix it all

0:44 together and add your bacon bits and

0:46 your three cups of chicken broth bring

0:49 this to a boil and once it's boiling

0:51 then turn it down to simmer and simmer

0:53 until the potatoes are tender once your

0:56 potatoes are tender then add your cream

0:58 stir it in and heat through and you're

1:02 ready to eat your soup what makes this

1:04 recipe easy is that I use southern style

1:07 hash brown potatoes cubes and those are

1:10 some quick and easy recipes for potato

1:12 soup