Puffer Fish in the Food Chain

by Arnold Carreiro ; Updated September 28, 2017

A puffer fish enjoying a peaceful aquarium life

Puffer Fish image by Freelance from Fotolia.com

The puffer fish is a strange-looking fish that can be commonly found in saltwater all over the world. These spiky puffers are active hunters who are always ready to defend against hungry predators.

Puffer Fish Diet

Puffer fish all have strong teeth that form a sharp beak, as well as powerful jaws that they use to crush smaller animals and to scrape algae from rocks. The puffer fish diet include clams, snails and crabs.

Puffer Fish Predators

Most animals are deterred by the puffer’s ability to swallow water to expand to twice its normal size, along with its sharp spines and poisonous flesh. Occasionally, puffers fall victim to predators such as large fish, sharks, sea snakes and people who consume puffers as a rare delicacy.

Puffer Fish Worldwide

These spiny fish can be found in all of the world’s oceans. Over 120 different species of puffer fish calmly swim in mostly tropical waters. Puffer fish wildly vary in size from 3 inches to over 2 feet long.

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