How to Preserve Bird Nests

Birds nests can be preserved for used in home decorating, as Christmas tree ornaments, or in scientific or historic displays. However, just because the nest isn’t currently inhabited doesn’t mean that its owners won’t return. Before you decide to touch or move the nest, be absolutely sure that the original residents are finished with it.

Put the nest aside in a dry, well-ventilated place. Leave it until you’re sure any moisture has been removed.

Shake the nest gently to remove any dust and debris, and brush it lightly with a soft brush. Check for signs of insects, and remove them from the nest before you begin. It may be helpful to spray the nest with a light coat of insecticide.

Lay the nest on newspapers and spray it with a light coat of clear plastic spray. Allow the plastic spray to dry completely.

Spray the nest with plastic spray a second time, being sure the spray covers all of the nest completely. Allow it dry, and continue adding coats as many coats as necessary until the nest is completely sealed.