How to Predict Your Baby's Gender with a Ring or Needle

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Boy or girl? That is always the first question your are asked when you find out your are expecting. There are many traditional gender prediction tests. One of these tests is the Needle or Wedding Ring test. It is easy and fun! So, read on to find out what the needle says for you! Pink or blue, boy or girl??

Gather thread or have the expectant mother take off a necklace she is wearing. Use the thread or the chain for this test.

Thread a string or the chain through either a needle or the expectant mother's wedding ring.

Hold the string with the needle or ring above the expectant mother's belly while she is laying down.

If the needle or ring swings back and forth, the mom-to-be will be having a little boy! If it moves in a circular motion, the parents will be greeting a baby girl!

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Brought to you by LEAFtv
Brought to you by LEAFtv

Items you will need

  • Needle or Wedding Ring
  • String


  • The Mom-to-be can complete this test herself by holding the needle or ring over her wrist instead of her belly.
  • The ring or needle may stop moving and begin moving, again, in the same or different pattern. Some versions of this test say the needle or ring can predict future children, so count every break and re-start as new child.


  • This test is for fun! There is no guarantee that the baby's gender will be what the ring or needle predicts.
  • Do not take this test seriously.

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