Paraffin Wax Procedures

Paraffin is type of wax derived from petroleum that is gentle enough for you to immerse your skin in. Paraffin wax has a high heat capacity, allowing moisture and oils to be sealed into the skin. Paraffin wax is used to treat dry skin and improve circulation. Its heating properties may also offer pain relief to those who are suffering from arthritis. You could purchase a paraffin wax treatment kit and attempt the procedure at home, but it would probably be more beneficial to go to a spa for a treatment first to become more familiar with the procedure.

Materials and Preparation

A paraffin wax treatment requires a heating unit for the wax and several blocks of paraffin wax. Make sure the heating unit you are using has an internal thermostat to keep the wax temperature at safe levels. You will also need a box of plastic liners, sanitizing spray and an intensive hydrating cream or lotion. If you are attempting a paraffin wax treatment to relieve arthritis pain and stiffness, you may want a pair of insulated mitts or boots to increase the heating sensation. You will need to thoroughly clean and dry the areas of your body that you will be treating before beginning the procedure. While you are preparing for the treatment the wax should be melting in the heating unit. The unit should be temperature-controlled, but you should always check the wax first by dabbing a bit on your hand before attempting to immerse any part of your body in the wax.


Once you have cleansed your hands or feet, apply a thin layer of sanitizing spray to the area that you are treating. Next apply a thin layer of the intensive hydrating cream, taking care to massage the lotion thoroughly in areas that may be rough or cracking. Immerse your hand or foot into the melted paraffin wax. Wait for about 30 seconds before removing your hand or foot from the wax. After about five seconds you should dip your hand or foot back into the wax. You should repeat this procedure three to five times until you feel the heat beginning to seal. Line your hand or foot with the plastic liner and allow the wax to set for about 15 minutes. If you are treating your arthritis pain you should put on your mitt or boot after you have applied the plastic liner. When you are ready to remove the wax, begin to wiggle your fingers or toes in order to loosen the wax. You should be able to slide the paraffin off along with the plastic liner. Discard all used wax or plastic and do not attempt to reuse. Follow your treatment with another application of intensive hydrating cream if desired.