Negative Properties of Black Tourmaline

Maria Teijeiro/Lifesize/Getty Images

Black tourmaline is a popular stone among metaphysicists and alternative healers for its purported aligning properties. Those who wear or carry black tourmaline or place it in their home are said to experience greater spiritual alignment, increased connectivity to all beings and a cleaner spiritual environment that is free of negativity. While black tourmaline has been used as a homeopathic remedy for centuries, the stone has some negative aspects.

Electric Conductivity

Black tourmaline develops opposite electric charges at either end of the stone when it is heated, making it a conductor of electricity. While this property is credited by Reiki healers and metaphysical practitioners with clearing blockages of energy in many users, the energy can purportedly be overly stimulating for some wearers. Avoid wearing a black tourmaline stone before going to bed or during sleep. If you experience sleep disturbance after placing a black tourmaline by your bedside, consider moving it across the room or mounting it near the room’s entrance.

Physical Properties

While metaphysically a black tourmaline is considered to be a strong stone, structurally the stone is quite fragile. The striated layers of crystal often crack or shatter during the cutting and polishing process, so black tourmaline is not recommended as jewelry. In a house with pets or small children, keep black tourmaline out of reach and on a sturdy base because an accidental bump could easily shatter the stone.

Transforming, Reflecting or Dispelling?

The metaphysical community holds that black tourmaline is an excellent stone for combating negative energy. However, they are divided as to how that process occurs. “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystals” states that charged black tourmaline absorbs negative energy, while "Healing Crystals for You" states that black tourmaline does not absorb negative energy nor does it reflect that energy back to its creator. "Rainbow Crystal" offers a third opinion, stating simply that black tourmaline repels any negative energies.

Medical Efficacy

Black tourmaline’s espoused healing benefits include a lifting of depression and a cessation of obsessive and anxiety disorders. While some people may find meditating with black tourmaline helpful and soothing, no scientific evidence suggests that black tourmaline is strong enough to combat major emotional or mental disorders. Don't stop taking any prescribed medications without first consulting a doctor. The same rule applies to claims that black tourmaline can clear up spiritual and physical blockages. If you are experiencing clotting, clogged arteries or other serious physical blockages, immediately consult a physician.