Most Popular Ways to Propose Marriage

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Finding the right place to ask the person you love if she will spend the rest of her life with you can be a nerve-racking task. Choose a site that has some significance to the person you love. While some people get more creative in their proposal ideas, most stick to the tried and true proposals that have their sweethearts tearfully saying "yes."

The Restaurant Proposal

This is likely the most common type of marriage proposal. Take your special someone to dinner, perhaps to a place where you went on your first date or somewhere that has some type of significance to your relationship. You can either wait for the right moment during dinner to kneel down beside the table and pop the question, or you can make a special arrangement with the restaurant. Call the restaurant ahead of time to alert them of your plans. When you get there, sneak away to give the staff the ring. They can bring it out hidden in or on top of a dessert or sitting at the bottom of a glass of champagne.

The Beach

Something about the crashing waves and the soft sands makes the beach an ideal, romantic spot to propose. You could take your significant other on a walk along the beach at sunset and propose. Or you could make her close her eyes while writing out "Will you marry me?" in the sand. Kneel down behind the message with the ring before you let her open her eyes.

Christmas Proposal

Christmas proposals also seem to be popular, especially if you want to involve the person's family. Wrap the ring up and put it in a larger box to look like any other gift. It should be the last gift she opens. When she does, take advantage of her speechlessness to get down on your knee and propose with her family watching. Another idea is to coordinate with the family and arrive to where she is spending the holidays on Christmas Day. A family member can tell her that one more gift for her just arrived at the door. When she opens the door, you should be on bended knee with the ring box open.

Famous Building or Location

Proposals at places such as the Eiffel Tower in France and the Empire State Building also are quite popular. Locations like these have become synonymous with romance, thanks to popular books and movies. The views from tall locations also can't be beat. You can tell your girlfriend how glad you are to be sharing this experience with her, or you can simply get down on bended knee when she is taking in the view. She'll turn around to say something to you and see you there with the ring.